A Year in the Life

Just sent out the first copies of “A Year in the Life,” the 24-minute biographical documentary about Ely potter Clary Illian.

Here is the trailer:

The video chronicles her recovery from a broken wrist and entering into semi-retirement.

Music by Hot Club of Davenport.

More bonus features from the DVD to come. Stay tuned!

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Steve: O’Keefe arrest “convenient”

h/t Washington Indie

Insert clip of SNL's Dana Carvey as the Church Lady,

"Isn't that convenient?"

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Good-bye Barbara H!

An interview with Barbara Hackman is below the fold. She talks about her video projects in this short segment for _Producer Spotlight_ on PATV.

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Songwriting documentary with Davenport band The Oliver Twists

The Oliver Twists

The Oliver Twists are a Davenport-based band who will release their next album on Future Appletree Records soon

In late 2008, they were in the studio to record a new song, “Play the Part,” and this documentary was made along the way.

Band interviews and performances are featured in this experimental video with the trio (Jamey Cummins on keyboards, Phil Pracht on drums, Aiden Landman on bass).
Play the Part

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John McCain on Gay Marriage: “Smart people tell me…”

OOOOPS! What happens when smart people are wrong?

John McCain: “Smart people tell me that that decision will be reversed by a higher court.”

In September, 2007, Senator John McCain was in Gladbrook, Ia. campaigning at a house party. He spoke on the lawn at the home of Lynn and Claire Handorf and then took questions from the audience and press.

Regarding a Polk County ruling that allowed at least one gay couple to marry in Des Moines, Senator McCain said, “Smart people tell me that that decision will be reversed by a higher court.”

McCain said he would support a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, “if there was a superior federal court that said that the states don’t have the right to regulate the status of marriage…but I certainly don’t [support an amendment] when the states are deciding.”

My new question: Where are these smart people now?

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Interview with Paul Street on the “Obama Phenomena”

Iowa City author Paul Street’s latest book, Barack Obama and the Future of American Politics, is a critical report on the phenomenal rise of the junior senator from Illinois.
(Interview below the fold.)

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Green Jobs Now: Build the New Economy

Saturday, September 27

Are you ready for the green economy? Are you ready to tackle the climate crisis by building a green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty?

Green Jobs Now is having a job fair, rally, press conference & community conversation in Des Moines.

Rally and Press Conference
Saturday, September 27, 11 a.m. – Noon, State Capitol, West Steps

To follow from 1-3 p.m. at Mars Cafe, 2318 University Ave., Des Moines

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